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US 30 Reconstruction Program
Eastern Project Area (Section CER)

Virtual Open House Plans Display
December 6, 2021 through February 4, 2022

Welcome and Project Background

Welcome and Project Background

Thank you for visiting the project website and attending this virtual public open house for the Eastern Project Area (Section CER) of the US 30 Reconstruction Program. The US 30 Reconstruction program includes a series of projects that will upgrade the Coatesville-Downingtown Bypass (US 30) to improve safety, reduce congestion, accommodate planned growth, improve facility deficiencies, and improve system connectivity. In 2019 and 2020, the project team presented alternatives to the public for the Western Project Area, including the Western Terminus/Route 10, the Airport Road interchange, and the Route 82 interchange. Since that time, preferred alternatives have been selected for the Western Project Area locations, which are viewable on the project website.


This Virtual Open House is to present the conceptual design work and alternatives for the Eastern Project Area, from just west of the Reeceville Road interchange to the Quarry Road / Business US 30 interchange for public input. This Virtual Open House will be available from December 6, 2021 through February 4, 2022. Please review the information available on this webpage by watching the videos and by clicking on the station buttons above to learn more about the project and alternatives that are being considered. Once you have reviewed the information, provide your input on the project and alternatives by clicking the “Provide Your Input” button. Please submit your input no later than February 4, 2022.

Project Description

The Eastern Project Area (Section CER) consists of a 7-mile corridor of US 30 that extends from just west of the Reeceville Road interchange to the Quarry Road / Business US 30 interchange. The existing US 30 Freeway Mainline currently provides two lanes in each direction plus shoulders and varying median widths.

Due to the size of the Eastern Project, we have divided this project into specific areas for this virtual presentation, allowing you to view each area of interest quickly and easily. Please visit each station, or those that align with your interests, and click on the “Provide Your Input” button to submit feedback.

Purpose and Needs

The purpose of the project is to provide a safe and efficient transportation system by improving safety, reducing future congestion, accommodating planned growth, and improving facility deficiencies.

The following project needs have been identified, and each of the alternatives have been designed to address these needs, both along the US 30 Freeway Mainline and at each interchange location:



This project will help reduce traffic collisions along US 30 and at the interchange areas

Facility Deficiencies

This project will improve structure and road geometry to meet current design standards.

Congestion / Anticipated Growth

This project will provide additional capacity to address current congestion and continued future growth.