The results of the conceptual engineering evaluation and the feedback from the stakeholder and public meetings have been reviewed, and an alternative has been selected for the Airport Road Interchange. Alternative 4 – Diverging Diamond Interchange (as presented at the June 2019 public meeting) has been selected to proceed to Preliminary Engineering. Additional public meetings will be held in the future, as the interchange design is completed and additional details are available.




The existing interchange of US 30 and Airport Road provides a westbound off-ramp and eastbound on-ramp, as a partial interchange. The project proposes to improve connectivity for the area by completing the interchange with the addition of a westbound on-ramp and an eastbound off-ramp.


  • Existing Interchange provides a Westbound off-ramp and an Eastbound on-ramp
  • Proposed project improves connectivity for the area
  • A Westbound on-Ramp and an Eastbound off-Ramp are added to the interchange



The purpose of the project is to provide a safe and efficient transportation system by reducing future congestion, accommodating planned growth, improving facility deficiencies, and improving system connectivity.


The project needs have been identified: Facility Deficiencies and Congestion/Anticipated Growth

  • Facility Deficiencies – Substandard roadway conditions exist throughout the project corridor. The existing pavement within the project area is approaching the end of its useful service life. The outer (right) shoulders are narrow and deteriorated. The ramp deceleration and acceleration lanes are short. Two structures currently have insufficient vertical clearance.
  • Congestion/Anticipated Growth – The existing Airport Road interchange lacks US 30 westbound entrance and eastbound exit movements. The missing movements negatively impacts the continuity of the US 30 corridor requiring the use of Business US 30 to accommodate the missing interchange movements. This results in congestion and delay along Business US 30. The US 30 westbound off-ramp intersection with Airport Road currently operates near capacity during certain periods of the day, resulting in congestion and driver delay. In the future, growth is anticipated to continue along Airport Road and Business US 30 in the area, resulting in higher vehicular traffic volumes and further congestion and delay.


Some of the significant environmental features of the project area include farmland, two churches, township open space, potential historic properties, eight streams, and nine wetlands. A total of eleven active agricultural parcels are present. None of the parcels has been preserved for farming and several are planned for development.  The Gateway Grace Community Church and the Valley Baptist Church are situated on parcels located to the south of US 30 with the church buildings set back from the project’s likely footprint. Township and Home Owner Association open space abuts stretches of the project corridor to the east of Country Club Road. Much of this land is wooded and contains several a wetland and several streams.  One of those streams is Rock Run, the main watercourse in the project area.  In addition to Rock Run, six unnamed tributaries to Rock Run and one unnamed tributary to Buck Run lie within the project area. A total of nine wetlands with vegetation ranging from predominantly herbaceous cover to predominately tree cover are found in the project area.  There is one property, known as the Robert L. Crisswell property, within the project area is listed as eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. There are also numerous older buildings found throughout the corridor that may have historic significance and will require evaluation.


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