The projects are currently in the Conceptual Design phase, which will take approximately two years. The next phase will be Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Evaluation, which is anticipated to last approximately two to four years. Final Design will follow, with a two to four year timeframe for the various projects. Construction is anticipated to begin in the mid-2020’s, with each individual project having a unique, but coordinated, construction schedule.

Project Development Process:

Current Design Activities:

Currently, the project team is developing and refining conceptual alternatives throughout the corridor based upon input received from the public and agencies. Upon completion of these current efforts, the project team will look to further discuss the various projects with the municipalities this winter.

Interim Improvements:

During the Project Development Process for the US 30 Reconstruction Projects, interim construction work will occur along the corridor. Median work and remediation is scheduled for the corridor. Resurfacing of pavement areas will occur as part of necessary ongoing maintenance. Intelligent Transportation Systems may be installed in the area. Additionally, private development may occur along the corridor, including construction activities related to the issuance of PennDOT Highway Occupancy Permits. These interim improvements should not be confused for construction work related to the reconstruction projects.